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Troubleshooting Cynap, Zoom, and Classroom – Sound

Sound is often one of the most common issues seen with using Zoom in the classroom. Make sure you:

Use Mirror Mode

Set your Cynap to be in Mirror Mode and not Moderator mode. Cynaps need to be mirrored to the projector screen in order to have sound through Zoom on Cynap work. If the Cynap is in Moderator Mode, sound will not work. See this guide for switching between Moderator and Mirror Mode.

Make Sure Your Mic is on

If you are using the Classroom Supplied Computer or Cynap to run Zoom, you will need to use the microphone in the classroom in order to be heard. Make sure if there is a lavalier (lapel style) microphone available that you have it turned on and close to you. If there is a conference-style mic in the room, you may still need to have a lapel mic as well.

When in Zoom, Join Audio by Computer

When you are in Zoom, make sure you Join Audio by Computer. You may need to select the audio microphone icon in the lower-left of the WebRTC Zoom window on Cynap in order to get the pop-up blue button that says to Join Audio by Computer. This microphone button can sometimes be covered slightly be the WebRTC menu.

Ensure Audio in the Room is Turned Up

Test the audio on Cynap by going to a web page such as a Youtube video. If you can hear sound coming through the room but not over the Zoom meeting, check the microphones.

If you do not hear sound coming from a web page on Cynap go to the Control Panel, select Mute and then Un-mute Audio in the room. Sometimes, this will fix audio issues in the room.

After Muting and Un-Muting the room audio, tap the up arrow to raise the audio level. Be careful to not turn the audio all the way up so it won’t be too loud in the room.

Play Audio Over Your Classroom Computers – When Bypassing Cynap

If you are bypassing Cynap and running your Zoom meeting over your laptop. Remember that you will need to tell Zoom to play your laptop sound over the room’s speakers. See this OIT Knowledge Base article on How do I set up Zoom to Play Audio Over My Classroom Speakers when Using a Laptop?