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Presentation Recording System

Some large lecture halls have a Presentation Recording System set up to record lectures and presentations. This recording system does not depend on using the Cynap to record and allows you to simply record whatever is being projected on the screen. Recordings will be through Panopto. To record in other rooms, use the WolfVision Cynap to record with either Panopto or Zoom.

This system is available in the following areas:

  • Alumni Memorial Building 204A Cox Auditorium
  • Art & Architecture 109
  • Art & Architecture 111
  • Buehler 555
  • Hodges Library Auditorium 101
  • Mossman 102
  • Mossman 202
  • Nielsen Physics 415
  • Stokely Management Center G2
  • Strong 101
  • Strong B1
Link to request your lecture to be automatically recorded each class

Link to how to impromptu record instructions

You may use this system in one of two ways:

  1. Request your lecture to be automatically recorded for each class period during a semester.
  2. Perform an impromptu (ad hoc) recording when you need it.
    See these instructions to learn how to perform an impromptu recording.
  3. Contact the OIT HelpDesk to either request to schedule your recordings or to let us know you’ve done an ad hoc recording and we can move the recording to your Panopto account.