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Troubleshooting Laptops (Mac or Windows)

This page will give updated notes on troubleshooting problems with Macs or Windows laptops.

MacBook Green Screens

Some models of MacBooks will occasionally have issues connecting via HDMI to classroom systems. Often, these are systems running OS 11 Big Sur, but are not limited to those Macs. You may see this behavior on MacBooks that have HDMI ports on them and were made prior to 2016. But it has been seen on newer models as well. This is probably due to a Digital Rights Management (DRM) security feature installed by Apple designed to prevent showing copyrighted material and the way the Mac is connecting to the particular classroom system.

Green screens seem to occur fairly often when connecting via HDMI to Cynap, especially when you go to share the screen via Zoom or Panopto. Try connecting a different way. If you are connected via HDMI, try using AirPlay or a VGA adapter. If you are connecting via AirPlay, try using either HDMI or a VGA connector if you get a green screen.

Latest update: OIT is working to solve the issue. During testing, we believe it may be related to the Mac connecting via HDCP. Depending on the technology in the room, it may not be possible to change this connection. We are working on fixes.

If you are not able to connect via AirPlay AND you do not have a VGA connector:

You may want to save your presentation to Google Drive, OneDrive, or Canvas. Cynap has an onboard web browser that you could bring up your files from the cloud storage or web page and display them that way. This way, if you do experience the green screen when connecting with HDMI, you will have a backup.

Connecting Wirelessly

Watch this 52-second video on how to connect wirelessly to the Cynap with a Windows laptop.

Watch this 48-second video on how to connect wirelessly to the Cynap with a Mac laptop.