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AMX Style 17

Display The Same Image on All Projector Screens:

  1. Tap All Projectors Get Same Image.
  2. From the Input Select menu, choose the input or device you wish to display on the projector screen.
  3. Note that in this room, you may select Camera Control to adjust your cameras in the room.
AMX 17 Main Screen
AMX 17 Sub Screen

Display Different Images on Each Projector:

  1. Tap Projectors Get Different Images.
  2. From the drop-down menus, choose the inputs or devices you wish to display on Stage Left, Center Projector, and Stage Right.
  3. Choose the item you wish to have play over your room speakers under the Audio Source menu.
AMX 17 Main Screen
Step 1
Steps 2-3

When Finished

  1. Tap Return to Main Page.
  2. Choose System Off.

For more information and basic troubleshooting, go to the Technology Training area.