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Pedagogy & Practice: Classroom Technology Toolkit

To discover technologies available at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, to achieve learning outcomes in the classroom and in a virtual learning environment, use the Bloom’s Taxonomy guide provided on this page.

To get started, focus on the measurable knowledge and skills that the learner will gain with the lesson. Using the chart below, select the appropriate Bloom’s level and action verb/cognitive process that fits the learning outcomes you have identified. Each level will provide the technology tools that are available in campus classrooms.

What Is Your Learning Goal?

Is Your Goal Remembering?

Recall facts.

Defining, Describing, Locating, Listening, Retrieving, Recalling, Outlining, Highlighting, Memorizing, Identifying, Selecting, Bookmarking, Labeling, Listing, Recognizing, Telling, Writing, Reproducing, Repeating, Stating

Is Your Goal Understanding?

Gain deeper meaning of the content.

Annotating, Summarizing, Categorizing, Paraphrasing, Predicting, Comparing, Contrasting, Journaling, Estimating, Gathering, Expressing, Explaining, Interpreting, Defending, Discussing, Matching, Visualizing

Is Your Goal Applying?

Use concepts in a contextual situation.

Articulating, Loading, Displaying, Judging, Examining, Implementing, Sketching, Experimenting, Interviewing, Preparing, Integrating, Presenting, Charting, Acting Out, Solving, Applying, Illustrating, Modifying, Interpreting, Classifying, Producing, Executing

Is Your Goal Analyzing?

Identify connections, relationships, and methods.

Analyzing, Calculating, Categorizing, Comparing, Contrasting, Debating, Deconstructing, Linking, Mind-Mapping, Organizing, Deducing, Illustrating, Questioning, Structuring, Integrating, Estimating, Explaining, Differentiating, Distinguishing, Outlining, Sequencing, Reverse Engineering, Inspecting, Separating

Is Your Goal Evaluating?

Use new concepts and information to make judgments/decisions.

Arguing, Testing, Assessing, Commenting, Debating, Defending, Experimenting, Hypothesizing, Measuring, Moderating, Predicting, Rating, Reflecting, Reviewing, Appraising, Disputing, Collaborating, Networking, Critiquing, Prioritizing, Verifying, Evaluating

  • Student-led discussions or debates with artifacts shared with the document camera, presentation, and/or Zoom
  • Share artifacts with the document camera, Canvas, Cynap, or Zoom for student evaluation and comments
  • Share a photo, video, article, or document for student reflection, comments, and feedback
  • Students share work with Cynap or Canvas collaboration and provide comments, reviews, or critiques
  • Rate an artifact, presentation, photo, video, and more by using Clickers or Canvas tools
  • Evaluate an artifact in student groups
  • Share questions for self knowledge-checks using the document camera, presentation, Panopto, Cynap, and/or Zoom
  • Group research or evaluation projects and findings shared with collaboration tools
  • Present a persuasive speech or argument
  • Do a product analysis review by sharing the product with the document camera or product image and specifications with Zoom
  • Share a process or theory for student evaluation and commentary

Is Your Goal Creating?

Develop something new/use concepts for innovation.

Modeling, Composing, Creating, Designing, Constructing, Blogging, Formulating, Publishing, Building, Directing, Inventing, Programming, Animating, Improving, Adapting, Composing, Filming, Simulating, Solving, Negotiating, Leading, Facilitating, Preparing, Inventing, Developing

  • Student-led role-play or skit
  • Write a poem or haiku and share
  • Sketch a book cover using classroom whiteboards or presentation application
  • Write out an algorithm using classroom whiteboards
  • Do an experiment using the document camera
  • Student presentations or video demonstrations
  • Student groups write a song about a concept and sing it for class
  • Students develop a solution to a problem and present
  • Students invent a new product or procedure and create a digital story to share
  • Present a student group with a problem and have them develop a plan of action or problem-solving approach
  • Design and sketch out a game and share with the class
  • Design a product or re-design a product and share with the class
  • Write or collaborate on a short story