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Document Camera

Many classrooms have a WolfVision Document Camera. Much more than an overhead projector, a document camera has a high-quality camera that enables you to show anything in great detail that you can sit below it.

To use the document camera, follow instructions for your Control Panel or choose the Document Camera as a Cynap Input.

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Features include:

  • Freeze – which allows you to freeze the image being displayed on the projector screen. This gives you time to switch out material to something else, while leaving a static image for students to view.
  • Zoom wheel – you can zoom into an object down to small details. Use this for seeing small structures on 3D objects, details in a painting or sculpture, or anything you would normally ask students to look at closely.
  • Split screen – available only on the document cameras with an LCD screen. This allows you to first freeze your image using the Freeze button, then split the screen to show the frozen image side-by-side with a live image. Example: showing a diagram of how a light source might work, then showing a live demonstration using an object and a flashlight to show how the shadow moves as you move the light source.
  • Rotate camera 90 degrees – available only on the document cameras with an LCD screen. This allows you to rotate the camera to face the audience or to demonstrate something that is too large to fit on the document camera table. Adjust the zoom to focus, if needed.

For ideas on how to use your document camera, check out our video: