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Desk Panel 1

Display an Image on the Projector

  1. Tap the Turn System On.
  2. Plug in your laptop using the attached VGA or HDMI cable.
  3. Under Cynap Sources and Controls, Input Choice options, choose either HDMI 1 or VGA 1.
    Note: If you plug in using VGA, make sure you also plug in your audio cable to have sound.
  4. On the Cynap, tap the screen to bring up the + menu.
    Note: You may need to use the keyboard and mouse to tap the screen in your classroom.
  5. Under the + menu, choose Cynap Input. This will display the Input Source (HDMI or VGA) you chose.
Step 1
Step 3

When Finished

  1. Press the Home tab on the Control Panel.
  2. Select Turn System Off.