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Connecting a Laptop using HDMI

The best way to connect to Cynap is using a wireless connection. This will leave the wired input open for using your document camera or BluRay player. If you do prefer connecting to Cynap using the HDMI cable, you can follow these instructions.

On the Control Panel

Step 1: Turn the Projection System On

Step 2: Select the Cynap Option

It is located under the projector menu to display Cynap on the projector.

Step 3: Select the HDMI Input You Chose for Your Laptop

On the Control Panel, under Cynap Input, select the HDMI input you chose for your laptop. If you have more than one HDMI inputs to choose from, the top input will be HDMI 1.

On the Instructor’s Cynap Monitor

Step 1: Touch Monitor

Touch the desktop on the Instructor’s Cynap monitor with the pen or your finger to bring up the + menu.

Step 2: Select Cynap Input

Select Cynap Input from the menu options that appear.