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Cynap Annotations

Cynap has an annotation feature that allows you to pause the screen and annotate it.

In addition to annotations, you can also turn on the Collaboration feature. Once you have turned on collaboration, have your students go to the IP address for the Cynap from a web browser on their device to join the session and annotate the image. This works well for showing group work, having students fill in blanks on review pages, or label images.

To use annotations,

  1. Tap the Cynap screen to bring up the ellipsis menu […] (note usually, you go to the + menu here, annotations is under the … menu.)
  2. Choose Annotations
    Notice that this will freeze whatever is on the screen. To unfreeze the screen, close out Annotations.
  3. If you wish to use Collaboration, toggle the Collaboration menu on.
    1. Tell students the IP address for the Cynap. They will need to type this into their web browser on their device.
      The IP address is in the top left on the Cynap screen and will start with 10.40.
    2. Tell students the PIN code for collaboration. This will be next to the Collaboration toggle menu.
  4. Use the tools to draw, highlight, create rectangles, lines, or ellipses.
  5. To take a .jpg image of the annotated screen, go to the camera icon. You’ll need to save the image either to a cloude drive, such as OneDrive or to a USB stick you provide. A USB port is located on the front of the Cynap in the podium cabinet.