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Mirror Mode On or Off?

Cynap has two modes you can use. On the Control Panel, this is called Mirror Mode On or Off. This allows you to manage what you show your students on the projector.

There are two ways you can change between Moderator (or Content) Mode and Mirror Mode. See below for explanations of what each mode is. Note: if you are recording or Zooming in your classroom, we recommend using Mirror Mode. This will ensure the sound from your device will be mirrored to both the screen and the recording or online participants.

To Change Modes Using Control Panel

Step 1: On your Control Panel, select Cynap

Step 2: Choose Mirror Mode

On the Cynap screen choose the button for Mirror Mode being on or off. Mirror mode is off by default.

To Change Modes Using the Cynap

Step 1: Tap the Screen

On the Cynap, tap the screen which brings up the yellow plus sign and Ellipsis (…) menus.

Step 2: Tap the Ellipsis Menu

Tap the Ellipsis (…) menu on the far right.

Step 3: Choose the option to turn on or off Mirror mode.

Moderator or Content Mode

Cynap send to projector

Moderator or Content mode allows you to preview all content prior to it appearing on the screen for your students. You can send one input from the Cynap to the projector screen at a time.

If you are in Moderator mode, you will need to share items one at a time to the screen by tapping the screen you want to display, opening the menu at the bottom, and then choosing the project out button.

Tap the menu at the bottom of the Cynap screen to expand it. Then, select the project out icon.

Mirror Mode

Cynap Screen enlargement icon

Mirror mode will show all content on your instructor panel immediately on the projector screen. This mode allows you to show up to four inputs at the same time. It works well when you wish to compare items from two inputs. For example, show your PowerPoint slide and then show a live example using the document camera of what you are referencing.

If you are in Mirror mode, you will instead expand items so that they take up the entire screen, or you can keep them small so that you can compare different images.

Tips When in Mirror Mode

  • When you begin your class, it is always a good idea to End the Presentation and then Start a New Presentation. This will reset the Pin code password so that students who were in the previous class will not be able to stand outside the room and connect to the Cynap. See this video for Ending your Presentation and Starting a New Presentation.
  • If you forgot to reset your presentation and have a class with a lot of students, we recommend making sure you if you are using Mirror mode, that you have all four inputs in use. This will prevent students from the previous class or students in your class from connecting to the system. If you only have two items you want to compare, simply launch two instances of the whiteboard to use up the other inputs.