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Sharing Your Document Camera or Wired Laptop on Cynap

Step 1: On the Control Panel, ensure your Mirror Display is set to ON.

This will make anything you see on the instructor panel reflect on the classroom screen and make it easier to tell what is being shared in your meeting.

Step 2: On the Control Panel, under the Cynap Input menu, choose what you want to display.

To choose your laptop, connect either via HDMI or VGA and choose the cable you used to connect. To choose the document camera, choose Doc Cam.

Note: You can also display your laptop wirelessly or use the onboard browser for Cynap.

Step 3: On the Cynap screen, tap the screen and select [+] button.

Step 4: Select the Cynap Input icon.

This will bring up what you previously selected on the Cynap Input menu on the Control Panel in Step 2, for example, your laptop connected to HDMI or the document camera.