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Epson Interactive Projector

Getting Started with the Epson Interactive Projector

Epson Interactive Projector and Screen with Whiteboard mode showing

Step 1: After you have your presentation showing on the screen, tap the left or right side of the board and tap either arrow.

Image of the 2 icons with arrows

Step 2: Make sure the icon showing the projector and pen is highlighted in blue. 

Image of the icon showing the projector and pen highlighted in blue

Step 3: The Annotation Tools menu will open.

You can select different pen colors, pen stroke widths, highlighters, and erasers.

Image of the Annotation Tools Menu with labels:
Set whiteboard background,
Pen and highlighter,
Size and color selections for pen,
Eraser selection and size,
Clear all annotations,
Current tool selections for both pen and touch

Step 4: There are two modes, Interactive Mode and Whiteboard Mode.

You can switch between the two at the top of the Annotation Tools menu. 

Interactive Mode will allow you to annotate whatever you chose to be projected to the screen, such as your laptop or document camera.

Whiteboard Mode gives you a blank white screen to annotate on. You may also choose to set the Whiteboard Background to a different color.

If using the Whiteboard Mode on the Epson Interactive Projector, switch back to Interactive Mode before turning the board off.

Image of the Interactive mode icon highlighted in blue
Interactive Mode
Image of the Whiteboard mode icon highlighted in blue
Whiteboard Mode

You can use the Epson markers or your finger to write on the board.

For those with accessibility needs or mobility limitations, the Epson Interactive board also responds to other items, such as tennis balls which can be used for drawing.  

NOTE: You cannot save annotations on the Epson Interactive Projectors. 

Annotation Tools


Step 1: To use the highlighter, tap the highlight button.
Image of the highlighter button

Step 2: You can select the highlighter width and color.


Step 1: Choose the pen button.

Step 2: You can select pen width and color.

There are also pre-set color and size pens in black, red, and blue.

On either side of the pen icon, choose the smaller circle for a smaller pen size in that color and the larger circle for a larger pen size in that color.

Image of pre-set pen color and widths


To erase, choose the small or large circle to the left and right of the Eraser icon.
Image of the eraser button

The small circle is a smaller stroke eraser.

The large circle is a larger stroke eraser.

Image with a box around the small eraser
Small Eraser
Image of the larger eraser tool
Large Eraser

Clear All Annotations

Step 1: Select the Clear All Annotations button.
Image of the Clear Annotations Button

Step 2: Select Yes if you wish to delete all annotations.
Image showing the pop-up menu saying: "Delete all annotations. Do you want to continue? Yes or No"

Current Selections for Epson Markers and Using Fingers for Marking

At the bottom of the Annotation Menu, the current color selections for both Epson markers and finger are shown.
Image showing the Current Selections for markers and touch


Epson Board is Not Responding to Markers/Touch

If the Epson Interactive Board is not responsive to touch, try cleaning the black bar at the bottom of the screen and make sure nothing is blocking or covering it. 

White Screen Showing

If you turn on the Epson Interactive Projector and your screen is white and not showing what you want to project, try tapping on the left or right side of the board and switching back to Interactive Mode

Image of the Interactive Mode icon