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Control Panel Example

This classroom’s individualized instructions will have images soon. Though control panels may look different, they do operate on the same principle.

Touchscreen Control Panels

Touschreen control panels can be sorted into two main categories:

  1. Medium-size classrooms seating about 30 people and usually have 1 or 2 projectors.
  2. Large and Lecture Hall-size classrooms seating more than 50 people and usually have at least 2 projectors.

To see examples of both, go to our Control Panel page.

Physical Control Panels

Please note that some rooms have physical control panels. You will press the button that may be called Display on or Projector On to turn the system on. You will then choose how you plugged in your laptop to determine which button to display. You may have plugged in using HDMI, choose HDMI. If you plugged in using VGA, choose either VGA or Laptop – depending on your panel.