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H B B 201

Haslam Business Building 201

Room Technology Updated:

Max Capacity: 60

Your Room Contains

Classroom Resources:
Instructor Resources:
  • 1 Ceiling-Mounted Document Camera(s)
  • Cables:
    • 1 HDMI cable(s)
    • 1 VGA Cable(s)
Instructor Screens:
  • Podium Monitor(s)
Audience Screens:
  • 1 Wall Monitor(s)
  • 1 Ceiling Projector(s)
Audio Visual:
  • Camera
  • 1 Lapel Microphone(s)
  • 1 Gooseneck Microphone(s)
Note: For Training Help with this Room

How To...

ceiling mounted document camera

The document camera located in your classroom allows you to easily display documents, objects, and simple demonstrations to an entire classroom and/or lecture hall. The document camera in your classroom is mounted as a camera in the ceiling. Use the controls available on the panel on the instructor podium to use the document camera.

Key Features:

  • Continuous auto-focus that adjusts as you zoom in and out to keep your image in clear focus
  • Ability to use a larger space below the document camera

How to Use the Document Camera:

  • Turn on the projector system. The document camera controls will not appear until the projector is turned on.
  • Select the document camera from the option on your podium instructor panel
  • Place your document or demonstration on the working surface  

Other Resources:

All rooms in the Haslam Business Building are maintained by the Haslam College of Business. For training or help with the rooms, please check out this Microsoft Bookings link or contact 865-974-4600.

The camera in your classroom can be controlled by the Control Panel in your room. You should see a Camera control button on the panel. This is usually under the Cynap menu. On this button, you can pan, tilt, and zoom in with your camera. In some classrooms, cameras may have preset controls that will move them to a set spot and zoom. Try out the controls available to you in your room.

Tip: if you are zoomed in, the pan and tilt will be more pronounced. Zoom out to have more control over the movement of the camera.

These cameras are set up to use with Zoom or Panopto, which you can access through the WebRTC app on your Cynap.

Lapel-style microphones are called Lavalier mics. Lavalier microphones are clipped to your shirt and come with a battery pack. Each mic has been programmed to work with the audio system in your classroom. These mics will not work in other rooms because they have not been set to work with another room system and may also be incompatible with some of the equipment in that room. Please contact OIT if you need additional mics in your classroom.

To change the battery on this microphone, look for the small tab either on the side or bottom of the battery pack. Mics will take either D or AA batteries. These batteries should be available in the cable drawer of your podium. If you do not have batteries and need some immediately, contact the emergency line of the OIT HelpDesk at 865-974-9110. If you wish to just report that the room needs batteries for next time, please contact the main number of the OIT HelpDesk at 865-974-9900.

Gooseneck microphone

Available in some classrooms on the podium, these bendable microphones allow a speaker to stand at the podium to be heard. Speakers who are soft-spoken may need to lean in towards the microphone in order to be heard better.

If a lavalier (lapel-style) microphone is available in the room, OIT recommends using that microphone if the speaker wishes to move away from the podium and around the room.

This room has a departmental Windows PC with a touchscreen monitor. Use the monitor to control the camera and room sound. All rooms in the Haslam Business Building are maintained by the Haslam College of Business. For training or help with this room, please check out this Microsoft Bookings link or contact 865-974-4600.