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Lavalier Microphones

Lapel-style microphones are called Lavalier mics. Lavalier microphones are clipped to your shirt and come with a battery pack. Each mic has been programmed to work with the audio system in your classroom. These mics will not work in other rooms because they have not been set to work with another room system and may also be incompatible with some of the equipment in that room. Please contact OIT if you need additional mics in your classroom.


  • Keep the microphone about 8 inches below your mouth. This would be about at the level of your heart.
  • Adjust clothing and hair so it is not brushing the microphone.
  • Turn the battery pack on by flipping the switch to the on position. Turn off when done.

Location and Batteries

Lapel Style (Lavalier) mics are kept either on the podium top or in the cables drawer inside the podium. This drawer may be hard to see but will be located in the same stack of equipment as the Cynap, Blu-Ray player, and other equipment. Spare batteries for the mic are also available in the cables drawer. If you run out of batteries, call the HelpDesk immediate assistance line at 865-974-9110 to request batteries.

Using a Lavalier with a Mask

When wearing a mask or a face shield, your voice will be muffled. If you are naturally soft-spoken, you may need to test out the microphone with your students to see the best way to use it for yourself. OIT is available before classes start and on request to test out and train with classroom technology. Request a consultation by contacting the OIT HelpDesk at 865-974-9900 or sign up for a consultation at the beginning of the semester. Consultations will be scheduled when the classroom is open for at least a 45-minute block.

Tips when wearing a mask:

  • Remove the filter on the microphone part of the mask and wipe the microphone, cable, and battery pack with a sanitizing cloth. You do not need to replace the filter.
  • Move the microphone closer to your mouth, try directly under the chin or on the collar of your shirt. Soft-spoken individuals may need to hold the microphone directly in front of the mouth.
  • On the Control Panel, adjust the volume under the Zoom/Panopto Audio menu to make yourself louder or softer in recordings.
  • On the Control Panel, adjust the volume for the room level by using the Room Audio controls.