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Using Microsoft Teams in Your Classroom Without Cynap

If you wish to connect with your online students but are in a classroom that does not have Cynap, you can still do it!

Using Teams in Your Classroom Without Cynap

Step 1: Connect Your Laptop

Connect your laptop using the cable (HDMI, VGA).

Step 2: Choose the Cable You Plugged Into

On your Control Panel, under your projector(s), choose the cable you plugged into. This will show your laptop on the screen for your students.

Step 3: Ensure Your Laptop is in Extended Mode

Note: often, PowerPoint will automatically extend your desktop so that you get Presenter view on your laptop and the presentation on the projector.

Step 4: Launch the Teams App on Your Laptop

Step 5: Choose Share

From the Teams app, choose Share.

Step 6: Choose the Projector Screen to Share

This will normally be Screen 2. If you do not see Screen 2, ensure your laptop is set to extend the screen, rather than mirror or duplicate. It is best to share the entire screen, rather than just a PowerPoint because this will let you share web pages and other information without having to re-share your screen.

Step 7: Select which screen you wish to Share