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Cynap Troubleshooting Guide

Try these suggestions for issues you may find with your Cynap.

Android Phone/Tablet or iPhone/iPad Won’t Connect

Make sure you are connected to either eduroam or UT-open Wi-Fi. On eduroam, make sure you also have Private Addressing turned OFF in your Wi-Fi settings.

First Step On Any Problem

Like many computers, Cynap needs to be restarted periodically. The best thing to do is to end the previous session and start a new session which will refresh the Pin code on the system and close out any applications that are having issues.

Ending Your Presentation and Starting a New One

Step 1: Tap the Cynap Screen

Tap the Cynap screen to bring up the ellipsis menu in the bottom right.

Step 2: Tap End Presentation

Step 3: Tap New Presentation

Cynap has Locked Up and No Menus Work

Cynap is a Linux-based computer. Like many computers, sometimes restarting it will fix it. If you are unable to end the presentation, try this.

Step 1: Find the Physical Cynap Box

Open the podium cabinet or look on the equipment rack to find the physical Cynap box.

Step 2: Turn Machine Off

Hold down the power button until the machine turns off.

Step 3: Wait 30 Seconds

Step 4: Turn Machine Back On

Press the power button to turn the machine back on.

Can’t Reconnect Wirelessly

If you had been connected to the Cynap but are unable to reconnect or you get an error that says: “try to connect your device again.” try Ending the Cynap Presentation and Starting a New One. And make sure your device has sharing enabled. When devices go to sleep, they sometimes have a hard time reconnecting. Try setting your device to not turn off while you are presenting.

Troubleshooting Sound and Cynap with Zoom

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Troubleshooting AirPlay and Cynap

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