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Using Zoom on Cynap

If you will be using Zoom on the Cynap, you will first want to connect your laptop to the Cynap so any content on your laptop can be shared with your Zoom audience. You can connect your Windows laptop or MacBook either wirelessly or by plugging in and connecting with a wired connection.

A Note on Cameras

Cameras in the classroom can be useful because they allow your students to see your face. However, do not rely on the camera to show screens or whiteboards. A person standing in front of a screen will be in focus, but the screen itself will be washed out to online students. Writing is very difficult for remote students to view on a whiteboard from the camera. We recommend that instead of using a whiteboard you connect the document camera so that your in-class and remote students have the same experience.

Launch Zoom on Cynap:

1. Select the Mirror Mode option on the Control Panel.
2. Tap the Cynap screen and select [ + ] button.
3. Choose WebRTC.
4. Log into your Zoom account by selecting Create or Edit Account. You will need to use Two-Factor Authentication each time you log in.
5. Select your scheduled meeting and choose Start.
6. Choose Join from your browser.
7. Select Join Audio by your computer.
8. Select Start Video to turn on the room camera.
9. Share your laptop:
• To show your laptop screen to both remote and in-class students, select Share Screen in the Zoom window.
• Tap the menu at the bottom of your laptop screen and choose the enlarge button.

Sharing Your Document Camera or Wired Laptop on Zoom:

1. Select Doc Cam on the Control Panel under the Cynap Input menu.
Note: if connecting your laptop using the wired connection, you would choose the cable you used here as the option for the Cynap Input to show. For example, if you plugged in using the HDMI connection, select HDMI to show your laptop.
2. On the Cynap screen, tap the screen and select the [+] button.
3. Select Cynap Input to add the Document Camera (or Laptop) previously selected on the Control panel.
4. On the Cynap Zoom screen, tap the Doc Cam window and choose the enlarge button to expand your window to show full screen.

NOTE: The room camera turns off when sharing screen. To turn the camera back on, select Stop Share then Start Video.