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Panopto and Your Classroom

Panopto is the university’s lecture capture system. It is a cloud-based service that allows users to record, share, review, and edit video captures from their desktop, laptop, and mobile phones.

How to Use Panopto in the Classroom

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Benefits to Using Panopto:

  • Panopto recordings have higher resolutions than Zoom, your viewers will see the difference.
  • Panopto allows you to store and edit videos for later use.
  • Panopto displays presentation slides and classroom camera in separate frames within the Panopto viewer
  • Zoom Cloud recordings are currently sent automatically over to the Panopto system for editing and storage.
  • Unlike Zoom, you do not need to schedule your meeting to record in advance when recording in the classroom. You can create an ad hoc recording using Panopto.

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