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Zeanah 123

Zeanah Engineering Complex 123

Room Technology Updated: Fall 2021

Max Capacity: 60

Your Room Contains

  • 2 Ceiling Projector(s)
  • Control Panel: Zeanah Style 2
  • 1 Document Camera(s)
  • Hearing System

Getting Started With...

Control panel diagram

Please note: The Zeanah classrooms were installed by the contractor. More detailed instructions will be available soon.

  1. Tap the University of Tennessee screen to turn the system on.
  2. Plug in your laptop using HDMI or VGA.
  3. Look at the cable to see what number is on the very small sticker on the HDMI or VGA cable. Stickers will say: HD001, HD002, VGA01, or VGA02.
  4. The number on the cable corresponds to the display menu on the control panel. Example: if you plugged in using cord HD001 then choose the button for HDMI 1.
  5. Choose Doc Cam to show the document camera.
  6. Choose Projector 1 or Projector to show what you have selected on the left. You can show different items on projector 1 and 2.
  7. When finished, tap the power button and choose Shut Down.
Step 1
Steps 5-6
Step 7

When Finished

  1. Tap Return to Main Page.
  2. Choose System Off.

For more information and basic troubleshooting, go to the Technology Training area.

The document camera located in your classroom allows you to easily display documents, objects, and simple demonstrations to an entire classroom and/or lecture hall.  

Key Features:

  • Zoom wheel, which allows for closer details of the images or objects being projected
  • Continuous auto-focus that adjusts as you zoom in and out to keep your image in clear focus
  • LCD preview
  • A brightly lit working surface
  • Loop-pull up for easy setup
  • Freeze frame, which freezes the image displayed through the projector system

How to Use the Document Camera:

  • Lift up the document camera with the loop-pull and the camera will automatically turn on.  
  • Place your document or demonstration on the working surface 
  • Ensure auto-focus is enabled to have a continuous clear presentation  

Other Resources: